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The Meat Academy Ltd. is a family company in the food industry that has been specializing, for 43 years, in kosher meats. The company offers its numerous customers the opportunity to benefit from the experience of more than five generations of premier quality meat products through professional and experienced butchers, who provide the best professional service and strictly provide the best and freshest meat.The Meat Academy Ltd. Has been emphasizing quality, service, and reliability as its ultimate values for more than four decades, and it has been adhering to these values throughout the years, in all of its operations.

43 Years of Family TraditionThe Meat Academy Ltd., which is fully privately owned, continues the longstanding family tradition that began in 1975. The Meat Academy Ltd. specializes in farming, importing, manufacturing and marketing of all types of meat, poultry and fish products. As a company that specializes in kosher meats, it has three kosher food supervisors (“Mashgiach”) on board.The company also operates a product line with an “institutional” production line that offers its customers all of the base products and thus provides a complete and comprehensive solution of the product basket of all of its customers, both on the premium and on the basic levels.The company’s clientele includes Israel’s leading hotel chains, caterers, banquet gardens and Kibbutzim.The Meat Academy Ltd. has all of the required approvals both from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and it complies with all of the strictest standards. It has a manufacturer license, business license, refrigerated transport license and a constant on-site veterinarian on behalf of the “Public Health Association”. The Company’s FactoryThe company specializes in producing locally-slaughtered veal, beef, white veal and lamb products at a Prime+ grade. All of the company’s products are hand-made directly from the family butcher shop.

The factory’s products are carefully selected by a team of professional and experienced butchers, with strict attention to their freshness and quality and to the first-class service.The company also produces hand-made ground meat products with a variety of flavors. The company offers its numerous customer more than ten types of ground meats, more than ten types of sausages, five types of burgers and eight types of kebabs.

A Line of Premium ProductsThe company also offers its various customers its line of premium products, which are hand produced directly by the company’s experienced and professional butchers. All of the products are made of 100% fresh meat without additives and preservatives and are frozen in a unique freezing process, Individual Quick Freeze, which preserves the products’ quality and freshness over time.

Areas of SpecializationThe company specializes in sheep farming for meat, and meat and fish importing.Sheep Farming for Meat – the company has been farming “Atzil” sheep (an Israeli crossbred lamb) for several years. All of its lamb products are locally slaughtered and marketed fresh, chilled or frozen.Meat Importing – The company imports high-quality raw meats of Angus cattle.Fish Importing – the company imports a wide variety of fish from numerous countries, including Nile perch fillets from Tanzania, Africa, Tilapia fillets from China, Japanese Sea Bass fillets from China, Salmon fillets from Norway and Chile, Sole fish fillets from China and from the Netherlands, and Cod fillets from China and Argentina.

The Logistics Center The company has a logistics center at the center of Israel, from which merchandise is distributed to all across the country, through refrigeration trucks and vans, in order to guarantee that its customers receive products of the highest quality, as it has been doing very successfully for more than forty years.

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